ABS Certification

Uses for Dura-Bar continuous cast iron in marine applications have been expanding considerably lately – especially those involving offshore drilling for oil and gas. So to better assure your customers of Dura-Bar's suitability for such applications, and because more and more companies are requiring it, the company pursued and achieved approval from the American Bureau of Shipping as an "ABS Approved Casting Facility for Gray and Ductile Iron Castings."

ABS logo

ABS has been the recognized authority by more than 100 governments for creating marine performance. It has been publishing technical standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of ships and other marine structures since 1862. Among vessels certified by ABS are offshore mobile drilling units, concrete vessels, and research and mining ships, and oil and gas companies.

A small sampling of common applications for Dura-Bar in those industries include:

  • Manifolds
  • Pistons
  • Valve Bodies
  • Slip Rings
  • Cones
  • Retainers
  • Compressor Sleeves

Dura-Bar's certification as the only continuous ABS-approved casting facility can be directly attributed to Dura-Bar's unwavering focus on quality assurance. Registered by UL to ISO 9001, Dura-Bar employs a detailed and strict quality process from initial contract with a customer through delivery of the final product. Along the way, Dura-Bar products are subject to rigorous online and laboratory testing procedures including:

  • Continuous computer monitoring
  • Critical temperature control
  • Microstructure verification
  • Spectrochemical analysis
  • Bar labeling, including grade, size and heat number

Quite simply, Dura-Bar's intense focus on quality makes it the best machining bar stock in the industry. In fact, Dura-Bar is the only such product backed by a Zero Defect Guarantee.

To discuss the advantages of Dura-Bar in marine and other applications, and how you can realize the costs savings opportunities, contact us today.