Portfolio of tube offerings brings greater flexibility with continuously cast and trepan processes

Dura-Bar®, continuous cast gray and ductile iron bar products, adds tube portfolio with the launch of Dura-Tube®. The new tube portfolio, produced utilizing either a proprietary continuous cast process or trepan process, is now available in a selection of sizes and grades. The flexibility to choose Dura-Tube provides customers with options to select tube products to specifically meet requirements such as wall thickness, concentricity and even volume.

Dura-Tube is produced using the continuous cast process yields a more concentric tube for optimal machining and a distinct advantage of Dura-Tube compared to centrifugal castings is in the stock removal process. Dura-Tube produced using either the continuous cast process or trepan process requires less stock removal compared to centrifugal castings.

New product

Most machined parts require boring a hole—a time intensive machining operation. Dura-Tube products mitigate the need for hole boring, saving time; and since Dura-Tube weighs less than a standard bar, customers will also benefit from lower freight costs.

Dura-Tube can be utilized in several industries, including (but not limited to) slips and bit sleeves in oil and gas applications as well as cylinder liners, sheaves and bushings in automotive/power transmission applications. For a complete listing of Dura-Tube sizes, grades and mechanical properties, download the product data sheet by clicking the button below.

Backed by Dura-Bar’s Zero-Defect Guarantee, Dura-Tube is available through a network of distributors located throughout North America and China. A list of authorized Dura-Bar distributors can be found here.

About Charter Dura-Bar

Charter Dura-Bar is the manufacturer of Dura-Bar and is the largest North American producer of continuous cast iron bars. Available in a variety of grades, shapes and sizes, Dura-Bar is engineered to machine fast and consistently, and is an ideal alternative to many grades of steel, castings and aluminum. Dura-Bar continuous cast iron bar stock can be found in a wide range of end use fluid power and oil and gas applications, and is available through Charter Dura-Bar’s network of distributors throughout North America and China. More information can be found at www.dura-bar.com.  Charter Dura-Bar, Inc., of Woodstock, IL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Charter Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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