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What is the Pizza Promise? 🍕

Droplet is free to use for clubs of 30 members or less. Larger clubs pay the price of about a pizza per month. We bet we’re worth that dough! And to put our money where your mouth is, we offer this: if you subscribe with our annual payment plan but leave after your first year, we’ll buy your club lunch and call it even: 12 pizzas on us!

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! We invite colleges to get in touch if they wish to onboard multiple clubs of the same college. We’d also love to do our bit for charities and schools – if you’re one and think Droplet can help, please do get in touch!

What do you charge for collecting payments?

We charge
• 1.4% + 20p for European cards (including UK cards)
• 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards

Getting Started

Where can I download the Droplet app?



What’s the limit of users I can have for my club

We don’t have one. Clubs of all sizes, shapes and colours are welcome.

Can We...

...use Droplet without adding a Club?

Yes! But you’ll have some limitations around club specific features, such as Official Groups or Membership Management. And you’ll keep getting “add your club” reminders on the app for a few weeks, which is rather annoying.

...first try droplet with a Club?

Yes! It’s free for up to 30 members anyway, without a time limit. Have a go and see what’s working, or what’s missing. We’d love to hear from you either way, and offer demo calls as well.

...manage COVID19 via Droplet?

Yes. We’ve added three tools to make things a little easier for your Club Admins.
– Track & Trace
– Social Bubbles
– Covid Updates


Please check out the Incident Management section of the Club Portal for details.

...collect payments via Droplet?

Yes! We can collect payments for membership relevant payments like renewals, and for race entries. We do not support person to person payments yet among members. If you’re unsure how to enable payments with Droplet, please reach out via our support chat or email us at support@dropletapp.com. You’ll need your club information ready, and then it takes about 5 min to setup. And it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Data Privacy

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. We comply with both the EU’s GDPR and with the UK’s Data Protection Act (2008).

Where is all my data? (non payment)

We save your data in a database hosted and protected by Google (called Firebase). Other companies trusting Firebase with their users’ data include The Economist (media), Lyft (transport) and Venmo (payments) to name just a few.

What happens with my card details?

Our payment service provider Stripe is storing and protecting sensitive payment data like card details in encrypted form. We never get to see your actual card details. They are fully PCI DSS compliant and trusted by millions of businesses including Booking.com (travel), Unicef (non-profit), Spotify (audio) and FitBit (sports) to name a few.

Who is using my data?

We do not resell your data to other parties or make it available for third party advertising. Your data is yours, and we’re just processing it. That’s it.

Is there extra protection for children?

We strongly believe children require additional protection. We have kids ourselves; we get it. Children on Droplet are invisible to other Droplet users, except their Guardians (like parents). Guardians appear on the Droplet app on behalf of their children. Guardians can also control if they want other users to engage with their children directly, and who. For registered Clubs on Droplet, the Club Admins can also request such permissions from Guardians via the Club Portal for selected club members (like Junior Coaches) and revoke permissions of their club admins.

Other data privacy concerns or ideas

If you have any other questions or suggestions around data privacy, please do let us know! Contact us via the Droplet support chat in-app or email privacy@dropletapp.com – we really appreciate your ideas and suggestions!

That was not the answer I was looking for...

If you have any other questions or suggestions around data privacy, please do let us know! Contact us via the Droplet support chat on your app on your Profile tab. You can also email us at privacy@dropletapp.com or use our contact form – and we’ll make sure to burn everything after reading.

About Droplet

Where is Droplet from?

We are based and registered in Cambridge, UK where Droplet was founded. Droplet is owned 99% by Tree House Technologies Ltd. and 1% by the New York City based charity called charity: Water.

Why does charity: water own 1% of Droplet?

charity: water pretty much do what it says on the tin. We’ve donated 1% of our entire company to charity: water as part of The Pool initiative they have. Find out more about them on our Partners page – and watch the video, it’s amazing!


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